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Thornetree Genealogy

Have you written your family history and are looking for an affordable way to publish your work to share with family and friends?

Do you need some help compiling all those bits of paper and information? What about writing an interesting story to let everyone know what you have discovered......including the romance, the legends or intrigue?

Are you just starting out and need some advice?
OR Would you like someone else to do all the work for you?

At Thornetree Genealogy we can help you with all your genealogy and family history needs no matter what stage you are at. Using the latest digital technology we can turn those “bits of paper” into a wonderful ibook or ebook (to load onto your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, etc.) with maps, easy to understand charts, ancestral photos and a lot more.

Ask me how I can do this for you today and I will give you a 10% discount as an introductory offer to my service.

Mobile:0408 276951 Home: 08 83870190

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